apnu home

We, with our chair person Mr. Parag Shah, visited an old age home named “Aapnu Ghar” located in Gujarat (India). As we stepped into the living area of ‘Aapnu Ghar’, we saw 15 people sitting at a table. Their eyes looked tired and empty, devoid of all emotions. They greeted us with a faint smile. After the initial introduction, we started talking to them to make them feel connected and happy.

We had planned a picnic to visit a few temples near Dakor and Ahmedabad with them. When we told them about the entire day’s program, the residents’ eyes lit up with energy as they made themselves ready for a picnic! We began our journey, kids and youngsters alike, and played games which spiked the interest of all the seniors. As we started playing games, some of them began singing prayers. We felt a different kind of fulfilment to hear their joyous laughs, their toothless smiles, and hushed giggles. Contrary to when we first saw them, the very purpose of the visit had been achieved.

We visited the Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Dakor Ranchhodraiji Temple, Galteshwar Mahadev Temple, and some others. At the temples, we made our prayers, and had some refreshments. Nest, we had an interactive session where we heard them as they poured their hearts out to us. They had all achieved distinctive milestones in their lives. After hearing their story, tears rolled down from all our eyes. And then, it was time for us to bid farewell.
      The visit left a deep impact on all our consciences, and on us. We were more sensitive than we were when we arrived; sensitive towards the elderly. The visit was an epiphany. Each one of us was determined to obdurately stand by our parents and elders, through the thick and thin of life. The residents at the old age home had motivated all of us with their hankering hearts and unwavering hopes.

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