Endeavour Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd.

Endeavour Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd., a leading Proprietary Fund Management firm, was established in 1992. With over 30 years of experience in the Financial industry, we are dedicated to manage and plan our finances smartly to reach our financial goals. We specialize in investment planning, financial analysis and insights, corporate wealth management, and portfolio solutions.

It’s essential to have a core understanding of finance/risk/opportunity/exposure size. We see too many people struggling to balance their finances and make sound investment decisions because they don’t have the right information at the right time. So, here we use a holistic approach and bridge gaps between our investment needs and long-term financial goals. In other words, we take a comprehensive look at our family funds and manage our finances by using the right investment planning and proprietary wealth management solutions.

We have a team of expert wealth planners, and we are also associated with one of the leading stock broking companies in India – Arihant Capital Markets Ltd, member of BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX, NSDL & CDSL as an BSE/NSE authorized person. Our Group Chairman, Mr. Parag Shah, an Independent Director in Arihant Capital, is an experienced financial expert and mentor in our organization who believes in identifying great financial opportunities for our clients, and offering customer-centric services as per their interest and risk appetite.

Before making any sound investment decisions; it’s essential to look at past performances. So we maintain a proper balance based on our financial goals and control investment risks to achieve the financial targets.

Our Values
  • LEADERSHIP QUALITY: With a broad range of knowledge and in-depth understanding of different markets and financial opportunities, our leaders and experts help guide the family members and its response to an ever-changing fintech market and world. They are always looking for ways to create and add value to the finance industry and vertical.
  • EXTENSIVELY RESEARCH-BASED SOLUTIONS: Wealth planning for our family members cannot be a daunting task when we’re always there to cut through the noise and establish their goals. We do extensive research, do competitive analysis and understand market insights to find the solutions and make uniformed financial decisions.
  • EXPERT INSIGHTS: We are private wealth management experts who understand the trends in the world of funds management services in India. We are proactive in identifying new and innovative solutions that will enable us to make smarter choices as per your financial objectives and goals.
Lajja Shah

Designation: Director

Ms. Lajja Shah joined the Group in 2018 with the goal to gain a deep understanding of the stock market. As an MBA in finance, she has always been passionate about Indian equity markets and started working towards this goal early on. During her college days, she did internships with Arihant Capital Markets Ltd and HDFC Securities, learning about the basics of the stock market and how to do fundamental research.

She has been with the company for a while now and has managed to build up her own reputation by doing her own research and analysis. She is certified by NISM as a Mutual Fund Distributor and Research Analyst. Presently, she is associated with the Group in various roles; however, her main focus is on researching stocks, managing her own portfolio, and helping clients achieve a high ROI on their equity market portfolios over the long run.

Her primary focus is on researching stocks and managing a portfolio of securities for clients with the goal of achieving a high return on investment over a long period of time. She specializes in small-cap and micro-cap stocks, which she believes offer the best opportunity for growth over the next 10-15 years.

Large Cap-Blue Chip Theme
Stock Selection Criteria Best Industry Stock/India Sound Fundamentals
Best Corporate Governance in the industry
Time Frame Depends upon market stage (Fear-Bearish-Investment–Bullish-Greedy –Euphoria)
Long Term Theme
Theme Long Term Wealth Creation
Time Frame Minimum 3 Years
Stock Selection Criteria Growing Industry
Revenue and PAT growing
Strong Balance Sheet
Good Corporate Governance
Reasonable Valuation
Microcap/smallcap/midcap/largecap mix
Momentum Trading Theme
Theme Technical analysis
Time Frame Days/Weeks- Depends on Stage of Market
Stock Selection Criteria Identify the momentum of the stock based on price/volume data (technical charts). As per market movement, we identify the sector and stock which will give a short term breakout.
Quarterly Result Play Theme
Theme Quarterly Result Performance
Time Frame Immediately after result for few hours/days
Stock Selection Criteria Small/Mid/Micro Cap Company which gave an extra ordinary result. Based on this there is some buying in the particular and likely to go higher as per technical set up.
Fundamentally, it should be a good company (Low debt–High
ROI–Volume and Margin Expansion)
Sectoral Theme
Theme High Weightage Sectoral Stock
Time Frame 15 days to 90 days
Stock Selection Criteria Short term momentum in Index/ indices Favorable new/event
All/ highest weightage stock of indices
Small Cap Theme
Theme Long Term Wealth Creation via Small Cap Investing
Time Frame Minimum 3 Years
Stock Selection Criteria Growing Industry
Revenue and PAT growing
Strong Balance Sheet
Good Corporate Governance
Reasonable Valuation
Microcap/SmallCap/Midcap/Large cap mix
Technical Trading Theme
Theme Technical analysis
Time Frame Days/Weeks/Months -Depends on Stage of Market
Stock Selection Criteria
  1. Short term market outlook based on various indexes
  2. Based on sector technical indicator/individual stock indicator
  3. After seeing price/delivery- based volume, further filtration is done
  4. Outperformance seen in comparison to rest of marke