Industrial Software solutions


WeighMAST is a weighbridge data management software that makes it easy to connect your weighbridge to a PC. With WeighMAST, the weighment information is automatically captured, giving you complete control of weighing operations. The software is also easy to use, with a simple user interface and automated reporting.

Unmanned Weighing

Are you looking for a way to automate your weighing operations? Traditional weighing systems can be unreliable and dangerous, so our Endel Digital Solutions has the perfect solution for you. Our innovative Unmanned Weighing technology is changing how industries across the globe measure materials, making weighment faster, easier and more accurate than ever before. The system is integrated with CCTV/IP cameras, which helps to improve security and safety. The system automatically captures images of the vehicles along with the weighment data.

Bluetooth Mobile Applications for Weighing

Bluetooth mobile apps for weighing scales are the most accurate and efficient way to get weighment data captured on your phone. With this app, you can connect any tabletop or platform scale via Bluetooth to get an accurate reading, eliminating any chances of data tampering. This application is designed to help you collect weight data in any format you want (grams, kilograms, liters, pounds, etc.) and to connect with a POS system to generate invoices or bills directly. It can also be connected with RFID readers for easy validation.

Batch processing

Batch processing is a manufacturing method in which operations are carried out on materials or combinations of materials over a while. This type of processing is at the heart of the operations of many industries, including the chemical, Agrochem, pharmaceutical, and paint & pigment industries. It is designed for flexibility and can easily integrate with any existing applications you may be using, like PowerBI or Tableau. It is an excellent solution for businesses that want to streamline their operations and have all their data in one place.


LabMAST (Laboratory Information Management System) is, as the name suggests, software that helps manage laboratory information in industrial laboratories. LabMAST is a lab management software designed to advance the lab management system by simplifying tasks such as sample registration, result and report generation. It helps advance the lab management system from sample registration to result and report generation. LabMAST can help streamline processes and improve efficiency in the laboratory.

Gate Management Systems

The gate management system is an all-in-one solution for managing, controlling and monitoring vehicle gate logs and all related equipment. It helps organizations keep track of daily visitors to their premises and stores data on each person who comes and goes. This system makes it easy to enforce security protocols and monitor activity on site. This system is user-friendly that’s based on an automated and modified system. It helps you do away with paper logs, making it easy to track vehicles, visitors and materials smartly throughout your project.