Calibration Services

The name of Endeavour Instrument Africa Ltd Procal Calibration Lab always surfaces high in the list of the top calibration services providers in the East African markets. This has been possible today due to the credibility that we have gained in the market in the last several years through our supreme calibration services. We provide calibration services in accordance to the requirements of various industries like Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Food & Beverages, Marine, Hotel, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Logistics & Warehousing, Aviation, Construction, Oil & Gas, etc.

Through the expertise of the engineers and the experience gained throughout the years, we not only provide high-quality calibration services, but also after sales assistance like repairing services to our clients. Apart from ensuring a timely delivery of authentic and accurate instruments, this allows us to make sure the operation of the instruments is safe as per the processes performed. The availability of a wide-scale products to cater the needs to several industries makes us a one-stop solution with cost-effective pricing across the Kenyan market.

What makes us a market leader today is our ability to assist our clients with increasing their production efficiency whilst keeping all safety factors in mind.